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A serial writer’s notebook from the epic worlds of Lore

Here’s a question for all of my bookworm friends. Ever notice that some novels use chapter titles and some don’t? For instance, one might simply have Chapter Seventeen while another has Chapter 17 “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Castle”.

I’ve been trying to decide which approach to take for my new series of fantasy fiction novels — the Last of Lore saga. Chapter titles are more work and add more structure, but they help to keep the reader (and writer) oriented. Hmmm…

Harry Potter has them. The Hunger Games does not. I guess you can survive either way (LOL).

What do you think?

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FREE for 2 days only on Amazon ~ The Lore Anthology (Kindle edition)

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Fantasy-sci-fi-poetry fans… a strange and brave new world awaits! A saga for FREE (but not for long). The Lore Anthology on amazon.com

Now through Friday, June 3 you can download this Kindle edition of all eight Lore of the Underlings episodes, a collection of epic adventures and colorful characters, for merely a click. Come explore the lyrical lands of the Lore, a bittersweet realm of gold and shadow told in classic style. Old-world words. New-world wit.

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Here’s one reader’s review:

An enticing mix of Shakespeare and Tolkien, written for a third millennial audience. Exciting, mysterious, humorous. Lore of the Underlings moves along at a lyrical pace, deftly balancing dry wit and creepiness. Can’t wait to read more!

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Join the quest. And may the Lore be with you…

Announcing “Kid of Lore” ~ a new (free) ebook from Lore of the Underlings!

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Hi sci-fi/fantasy-fiction fans! I’m pleased as punch to announce my latest tale from the world of Lore — a short-story ebook called Kid of Lore. Based in part on real events, it’s a misadventure set in 1970s New England that launches an unsuspecting eleven-year-old into an embattled universe beyond his wildest dreams.

And here’s the best part. You can get it for FREE right now (in your favorite format) from Smashwords.com…

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Hope you enjoy it! Here’s a synopsis:

Johnny’s your typical tween-age insomniac who’s never slept a wink in his life. But when a kids’ prank turns into an epic fail, the nightmare really begins. It’s literally all downhill from there, as Johnny Cap falls for a shadowy girl and into the clutches of someone stranger. Meanwhile, his world slips under a spell of lore. And evil looms. No kidding…

Kid of Lore is for kids of all ages. Short and sweet. Epic. Spooky. Fun.

It’s also a prequel to Lore of the Underlings, an epic poetry series from the mythical lands of Lore. Lore of the Underlings is a bittersweet saga of gold and shadow told in classic style — with old-world words but new-world wit. Fun for fans of puns and lyrical tongues!

Comments (and reviews) are welcome!

The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats

Lore du Jour ~ Upon further review

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A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind the Lore, an unfolding epic…

As some of you may know, over the last few years I’ve been developing a sci-fi/fantasy-fiction universe that I’ve come to call the world of Lore. But it actually all started with an email thread at a previous job where my clever tech-writer colleagues were riffing on the idea of writing software help in a medieval tongue. Something like: “Steppe IV – To beckon the New File wizard, clicketh the Merlin icon on yon toolbar…” (Wish I’d saved those emails.) Anyway, it all culminated in an actual episode of mead drinking and the Lore was born!

So, the thing that first drew me into this fiction business was the thought of writing a fanciful tale in purple, way-over-the-top style. And, long story short, I did just that to produce the Lore of the Underlings series. I always knew it was a total niche effort, something aimed at language fans and punsters. But I sure didn’t appreciate how hard it would be to convey that message and set the reader’s expectations properly! I mean, I labeled it a lyrical epic, yet still got reviews like this:

Starts with a poem, then a bunch of chit chat, neither intrigued me, deleted from e-reader before getting to the “story”.

As the poet Homer said, “D’OH!” On the other hand, other folks did get it. Someone else wrote:

I just waded through 5 books of such poorly-written drivel I was about to give up and watch tv, and then I found this, a gem in the muck of what passes for Fantasy fiction these days. The language was so luscious I got lost in it and had to re-read it to find the story. Beautiful. Amazing job, Author, keep it up!

So, upon further review, I have officially recategorized my Lore of the Underlings ebooks and paperback as Epic Poetry! This will no doubt ensure that not another copy will be downloaded or sold, but at least I’ll feel good about it.

Then what’s next for the world of Lore? A set of young-adult adventure novels. Page-turners in plain prose. And no scary poems! Hooray!! Stay tuned…

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~~~ The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats ~~~