Look! It’s the next ebook of the lore!

Good tidings there be of the lore tonight. The tale of Fyryx is here…

Lore of the Underlings: Episode 3 ~ Fyryx

Yes, the next episode of the unfortunate epic Lore of the Underlings can now be had at a pauper’s price (for free) in the form of a magical ebook cast by the wizards of smashwords.com — a mysterious realm where iPads roam, a land of frolicking Nooks and Kindles.

But how, you ask, is this ebook obtained? Must I fulfill a glorious quest? Or wake a princess from hopeless sleep? Pull a sword from a stone, perhaps?

Well, all of those would be good indeed. But really you need only clicketh here:

Lore of the Underlings: Episode 3 ~ Fyryx

And if you missed the first episode pair, you can haveth them too:

Lore of the Underlings: Episodes 1 & 2 ~ A Door to the Lore

Please enjoy the festival of formats you’ll find there. All (ebook reading devices) are welcome! In return I ask only that you consider rating and/or reviewing these humble works.

I bid you good reading. May the lore be with you!

2 thoughts on “Look! It’s the next ebook of the lore!

  1. Congratulations! I got a bit behind reading the parts on your blog, but I’ve downloaded them and I’ll give them a read on my Kindle.

    • Thanks David. I’ve found that most people prefer reading the ebooks, so I’m gradually shifting emphasis to them on the blog. I appreciate your interest and hope you enjoy these sorry stories!

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