Lost followers? A WordPress puzzlement…

This is a “follow-on” to my previous post:
A WordPress blogger’s cautionary tale
(or “How Sir Like-a-lot got lost in Spam-a-lot”)

Hansel and Gretel

In the telling of the old children’s tale Hansel and Gretel, at least the version I know, the teutonic tots have a decent plan for their foray into the deep, dark wood — leave a trail to follow back when it’s time to flee the witch’s shack. It was all good but for a little flaw in the execution. Breadcrumbs? Really? Who thought of that? Oh, don’t worry, no fairytale critters would ever eat those up. D’Oh!

Well, the blog-o-sphere is a bit removed from the enchanted forest. But I’m starting to wonder if following here in the wide, wide world of WordPress is no less tricksy than in that mythical realm of sprites and pixies.

I speak of the real or imagined accounts of followers falling silent

Now I’ve been posting for one full year on my little Lore of the Underlings blog and realize that’s plenty of time for generations of followers to become bored silly with my Lore-d’oeuvres and drop me like a hot potato. But my observations of recent weeks don’t seem to follow that recipe. It’s not something followers are cooking up. It’s more like a stew they’ve fallen into.

And it seems to me to be beyond the limit of likes I’ve mentioned before.

Consider these tidbits, if you will:

~ First of all, I’ve never seen any followers stop following, officially I mean. Perhaps they’re so bored by the Lore that it’s easier to ignore… not even worth an unfollow click… but this doesn’t really add up.

~ Instead I’ve noted a stranger behavior, that followers fall in mass extinctions much like the dinosaurs. Are there asteroids in the blog-o-sphere causing some world-wide-web global warming? The last one of these extinctions came in the Spam-o-zoic era, circa April 15 to 20, 2013 A.D. Many avid readers have not been seen or heard since. Lots of fodder for conspiracy theories!

~ At the same time and in just the past days, I’ve noticed a new puzzle start to take shape. A number of old-time followers suddenly trying to re-follow my blog. Could it be that these are the survivors… only now emerging from their caves… reclaiming the world as their own again? Well, probably so not the drama of that.

Instead I’m guessing that, for these folks, their original follow went bad somehow. Can a follow go stale like day-old bread? Maybe they stopped seeing posts from me or maybe their like button wouldn’t work. In any case, I’d love to know if re-following did the trick. Did it restore your virtual breadcrumbs and bring you back safe and sound to the Lore?

Of course, if it didn’t, how would you hear? The evil witch might have you still, plotting a sweet little blog of her own


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