What’s in store for the Lore?

Stone totems -- watercolor by John K

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from the Lore, but only because I’ve been making more… and making it more better!

I’ve spent the bulk of the past two months revising the first few episodes to strength and polish the Lore’s base and core. It was very hard work but worth every word. And the funny thing is that I didn’t change a single plot point along the way…

So what did I do for those two months? Why I deepened the poetry of the Lore — pushed it more toward the near-epic-poem it is.

You’ll see in the course of the next week or so as I post the updated episodes (and publish revised ebooks as well, with snappier covers to boot). I hope you like these changes as I build up the Lore for the long run.

I also have two new episodes done that I’ll be publishing after that.

And another exciting little something — I’m giving serious thought to posting podcasts of the Lore. I’ve had some requests from folks who’d like to listen to the episodes and I think it would be fun to do dramatic readings of them. I’m looking into the details of this.

Meanwhile, here’s a bit of Lore from before — the only early section that I chose not to revise at all. It helped that it was a poem already, the prologue called What the Lore Is for.

May the Lore be with you!

John K

What the Lore Is for
A dedication — made crossing the Mojave and other deserts

The lore is for waking
Dreams lost in machines
For what dwells between and beyond
For virtues forgotten
Wiped virtual clean
For living lives worthy of song

The lore is for sweat
The lore is for toil
A heart full of blood
A fist full of soil
For hands of the small
Making worlds meant to fall
For love unleashed
To save us all
For evil’s end
For good

The lore is for sons
Stricken young who fight on
For daughters born burning
Love’s fire borne strong
For fathers and brothers
In arms though long gone
For mothers and sisters
Who bear every wrong
And wash the dirt
The hurt to heal
The souls of holes
We bare to feel
Whole and human
Born clean

The lore is for all
Of us dear friends
To recall
Forever and again

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