It’s a new ebook of the Lore! Episode 4 ~ The Letting Pen

Welcome back to Lore of the Underlings, a trail of tales to the end of things, and maybe a bit beyond…

The lore continues. In this episode: The three strangers — John Cap, Morio, and their mysterious young woman friend — find themselves locked away in a curious crooked chamber, a place with foreboding in the air and the smell of something evil. What hellish fate awaits them here as “guests” of Fyryx and his Guard? Only time (and space) will tell. Within this odd prison a nighttime of wandering tales and wondering follows, at least until an unknowing Morio lets open an even darker realm…

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Lore of the Underlings: Episode 4 ~ The Letting Pen at smashwords.comLore of the Underlings: Episode 4 ~ The Letting Pen
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~~~ The Lore is available in audio and ebook format ~~~

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