Lore du Jour ~ Epic mothers

Photo by John K ~ Mother's Day

A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind Lore of the Underlings, an episodic epic…

In one of the fabled lands of the Lore, “Mother” is a title of honor bestowed upon women with many children. But I’d say that raising just one child well is enough to deserve this noble distinction.

Anyway, here’s a motherly tidbit from my upcoming episode:

The swiner unleashed a belly laugh and clapped his hands in appreciation. “Now which ones are yer fair daughters again? I think I see two or three o’ them…”

“I am proud, kind breeder, to say I have seven,” cooed the yet youthful and apron-clad woman.

“A pride in every sense!” he pronounced. “I should like ta make their acquaintance.”

The comb-crowned mother hen gathered her brood in a row by the old wheeled pigpen. “Come now children, pay your respects. The swiner’s a treasured family friend…”

She spread her arms in their direction, palms up, face aglow. “Here you go — these six plus this one are the cubs of my den, lassies all of the Huggum clan.”

“Ooo,” swooned Mr. Swillyum crooning ‘Flower of This Thorny Land’ and adding, with a little wink, “lovely as their mum, I think.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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