Paperback Lore ~ Now from Barnes & Noble

Cover art for The Lore Anthology by John K

Hi again, fantasy fiction fans! I’ve got even more epic news — my first paperback, The Lore Anthology, is now available on! And for under $10 too…

Please click here to order yours and support the Lore:
get The Lore Anthology at


About this bookThe Lore Anthology is a thrillingly fun and lyrical collection covering Episodes 1 through 5 of the Lore of the Underlings series. That’s 120 action-packed pages to kick off this ongoing epic…

Welcome to Lore of the Underlings,
a trail of tales to the end of things,
and maybe a bit beyond.
In these first episodes of the Lore

Three brave strangers cross a wild land
to find a folk hidden away,
a people long turned from the light of the world
yet the last hope to save the day.

~~~ The Lore is also available in audio and ebook format ~~~

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