A writer’s holiday (or how to sink an epic)

Photo by John K ~ Writer's holiday

A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind Lore of the Underlings, an episodic epic…

A couple of weeks ago I began writing the next exciting installment (Episode 7) of my lyrical fantasy-fiction saga. It was going swimmingly until something horrible happened — vacation!

Don’t get me wrong (or tell my wife). I enjoyed every minute of our sea-sprayed days on the rocky coast of Maine. But my author-ship was wrecked en route. My characters got mad and mutinied.

Yet I knew what was wrong. It was there in the tides.

Writing for me must be routine. A mundane day turns the mind to dream.

The siren’s call of a lazy trip can surely sink an epic. Next time tie me to the mast and get out that trusty beeswax.

Well now with my writer’s holiday done, the Lore is sailing along again! You might say I’m happy to be penned.

But enough about me. How was your vacation?

~~~ The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats ~~~

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