It’s a new Lore ebook! Episode 7 ~ Ho-man Holds Court

Cover art for LOTU Episode 7 ~ Ho-man Holds Court

Greetings fantasy-fiction fans! I’m pleased as punch to announce a brand-new ebook episode from my Lore of the Underlings series: Episode 7 ~ Ho-man Holds Court. Get it for free in your favorite ebook format at click here for Lore.

Here’s a summary of this exciting new chapter in the unfolding Lore saga…

Welcome back to Lore of the Underlings, a trail of tales to the end of things, and maybe a bit beyond.

The lore continues. In this episode: John Cap wakes up in a circus-like ring, a courtroom where trial is about to begin. But just whose trial? Now that’s the question. Meanwhile, a quirky clerk named Ho-man hits him with punch lines he doesn’t expect as a comically tragic warm-up act…

But is there some secret to Ho-man’s set, a clue for his foreign guest’s defense? Or just a little trick or two to give the teen a ghost of a chance?

~~~ The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats ~~~

2 thoughts on “It’s a new Lore ebook! Episode 7 ~ Ho-man Holds Court

  1. Hmmmmmm – what’s this all about? It sounds intriguing —-

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