Lore du Jour ~ Nautical nonsense

Photo by John K ~ Maine light

A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind Lore of the Underlings, an episodic epic…

Here’s something fishy from the Lore. A passage more fitting for SpongeBob SquarePants!

Nautical nonsense to be sure. Ready for a Poseidon adventure? A little game of Name that Neptune?

Let’s dive right in…

He paused, standing taller, straight as a rod, and cast his gaze across the courtyard.

“No one escapes this magistrate. By hook or by crook I’ll catch each one. It’s time for a fishing expedition.”

Ho-man reeled in the shoddy exhibit and stood up. He took it and stepped aside.

Treygyn looked on, craning his neck, to see what this sole searching was about. “Holy mackerel!” he gawked. It was large as a barge, an oafish loafer, and more of a toe boat than moccasin. Worn weathered leather. Frayed broken laces. Nothing that he’d be caught dead in. He eyed it like a foreign object.

Then he did a double take. “Slymie…” He cussed something under his breath.

Fyryx charged him like a lone shark. The predator brother smelled blood in the water.

“What was that, small fry?”

The shrimp clammed up.

Ahoy, Mateys! Sea you soon…

[Photo: Portland Head Light – Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA]

~~~ The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats ~~~

4 thoughts on “Lore du Jour ~ Nautical nonsense

  1. Thanks! The coast of Maine has such austere beauty…

  2. If your sole porpoise was to catch our attention and reel us into your world of word-play, you landed a big one!

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