Lore du Jour ~ Frozen

Photo by John K ~ Frozen

A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind Lore of the Underlings, an episodic epic…

Our part of the world has turned to snow in a winter of Lore and epic cold. So here are a few fitting words, cold comfort, from the start of these tales of old:

One winter noon now long ago, I woke buried under a blanket of snow in the woods I had wandered as a child… tucked into by something wicked… wild… lost and found out in the bitter cold…

The sting was the first thing to hit me. The fire on my frozen cheek. Rough bark pressed against my skin with the bite of a dozen angry bees.

I tried to make sense of what I was…

Maybe I’ll go back to sleep. Somebody wake me when it’s spring.

[Photo: The ice planet Hoth, aka Framingham, MA, USA]

~~~ The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats ~~~

2 thoughts on “Lore du Jour ~ Frozen

  1. BRRRRRR – Your words are sending me out to the kitchen for a hot cup of tea! And that picture almost makes me want to add something stronger to it!

  2. I’ll drink to that!

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