LoreSong ~ original theme of the LotU podcast

Photo by John K ~ Bridge to anywhere

This is the first theme music that I’ve created specifically for Lore of the Underlings ~ The Podcast. It is simple and brief. I hope you find that it evokes the ancient mystery and future wonder of the Lore and its lands.

LoreSong (Replay from August 2013 at the House of Lore, Framingham MA USA, 45 seconds)

A landscape of the Lore ~ watercolor by John K

~~~ The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats ~~~

6 thoughts on “LoreSong ~ original theme of the LotU podcast

  1. That music is as compelling as the theme for “Jaws” or “Star Trek”.
    Also, I detect a trace of your Celtic genes fighting to be heard above your other ones!

  2. Norma covers what I was going to say Charles 😀
    Did you play the instruments or get others involved?
    I’m limited to Apple’s Garageband program or getting music under license.
    I can’t play anything except a paper and comb 😀 😀 😀

    • Thanks, Chris. Not having a cello handy, I composed this music in Garageband on my iPad. It requires a bit of technique, but can produce a pretty nice result once you get the swing of it. (I’ve played some guitar, banjo, and trumpet over the years, but this world called for a different sound.)
      – John K

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