Lore du Jour ~ Rebel alliance

Photo by John K ~ Rebel alliance

A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind Lore of the Underlings, an episodic epic…

Here’s a snippet from this week’s writing as Episode 8 rounds the last turn for home.

It’s a courtroom scene, the trial of a teen, and witness is the village smithy. He’s on the hot seat, feet to the flames.

And in the cross-examination there lurks a gratuitous Star Wars reference. A bit of a force but par for this course. May the farce and the Lore be with you my friends!

The partisan artisan tried to explain and buy a little more time somehow.

“It’s largely harmless fun yer honor. Homespun yarns of my daddy’s dad, Grandy. Thought the boy’d enjoy them too. And he did. They mesmerized the kid.

“Grandy, he was an olde tyme journeyman, back in the day when they crisscrossed the island. Traded rare ore in all thirty-three sectors. Knew each one like the back of his hand. And o the epic adventures he had…”

“Surely the kind long since forbidden — pushing the limits, at our land’s end.” Fyryx fought the glaring sun and eyed the witness with disdain. “Now I see clearly who’s sparking dissent, casting aspersions on our regime. And forming a rebel alliance no doubt of fresh young revolutionaries.

“Pikesmen! Put this forger in irons!”

Ferrous steeled himself, but then…

[Photo: WWII Memorial – Washington, DC, USA]

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