Lore du Jour ~ Cloaking device

The photography of Michael Leacher ~ Cloaking device

A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind Lore of the Underlings, an episodic epic…

Here’s the freshest Lore I’ve ever posted — a passage I wrote just moments ago at the end of this week’s work on Episode 8.

Some setup first. During this episode’s epic trial scene, I needed to bring in a certain couple of characters without giving away their identities yet. There’s going to be a surprise, a bit of bait and switch. So I used the device of having them hooded and cloaked as per their local folkway.

Now they’re about to be revealed. So I took the opportunity to use a couple of appropriate Star Trek references: a Romulan ship’s decloaking and Scotty’s poor shields going down again.

You’ve gotta love the classics!

Hoona fell to her knees. She pleaded.

“He’s a g-good boy. It’s true, it’s true. You must hear the rest of the story s-sire. Ask Miss Xoxo. Oh, she’ll tell you…”

Fyryx walked away unmoved. He went to the center stand and stood.

He stared at the two folk in the hood.

“Yo, Xoxo! Show yourself. Decloak.”

“No!” said her guardian. “I’ll do the talking.”

“Well then! Shields down, mother Yo.”

[Photo by my friend Michael Leacher: Acadia National Park – Bar Harbor, Maine, USA]

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2 thoughts on “Lore du Jour ~ Cloaking device

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great writing – great picture!

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