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Fantasy fans, sci-fi buffs — a strange and brave new world awaits! A saga for FREE (but not forever). The complete Lore of the Underlings ebook collection on

Act now and you can download all nine Lore of the Underlings ebooks, a collection of epic adventures and colorful characters, for merely a click. Come explore the lyrical lands of the Lore, a bittersweet realm of gold and shadow told in classic style. Old-world words. New-world wit.

Here’s one reader’s review:

An enticing mix of Shakespeare and Tolkien, written for a third millennial audience. Exciting, mysterious, humorous. Lore of the Underlings moves along at a lyrical pace, deftly balancing dry wit and creepiness. Can’t wait to read more!

Join the quest. And may the Lore be with you…

Get it now and get it FREE: The complete Lore of the Underlings ebook collection on

The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats

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