Translator’s notes

The translation of these tales was slowed for years by bitter (sometimes bloody) debate over naming — how to represent the names of people, places, and things in a way that honors the tongues that first spoke them. But really, who knows! So the spellings were done to look especially cool, making them hard for you to pronounce. Sorry. Here’s a guide:

Rhymes with…

Boxbo rhymes with Oxbow.

Ixit rhymes with fix-it.

Jixy rhymes with pixie.

Morio rhymes with Oreo.

Pum rhymes with mum.

Sounds like…

Ayr sounds like air.

Ayron sounds like air-on.

Ayryx sounds like air-ix.

Bylo sounds like buy-low.

Faal-syr sounds like f-ah-l-sear.

Fyryx sounds like fear-ix.

Pyr sounds like peer.

Syar-ull sounds like sire-ool.

Vaam sounds like v-ah-m.

If you’re French…

John Cap should be read as Jean Chapeau.

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