Music of the Lore

Totems of the Lore

The secret score to Lore of the Underlings is an unwitting gift of these artists and their music. These are the voices and themes that breathe life into the beings of this once-and-future, near-and-far world.

Original music – Here’s my own little theme for the Lore…

Click to play: LoreSong

And a pair of wee tunes with a pirate-like vibe (and echoes of Monty Python) sung by “the Guard” of the Lore… top of the Syland pop charts for four straight fortnights…

Click to play: PreySong

Click to play: Pale Ghost

Not to mention this ancient and regal melody (incidental music from Episode 3)…

Click to play: Song of the Treasured

Or perhaps you’d like something quieter. Here’s a loving but melancholy lullaby sung by a most mysterious character — the beautiful, space-shifting Vaam…

Click to play: Flower of the Field

Evanescence – albums Fallen, Anywhere but Home, The Open Door, Evanescence

Evanescence ~ Fallen Evanescence ~ Anywhere but Home Evanescence ~ The Open Door Evanescence ~ Evanescence

Halestorm – albums Halestorm, The Strange Case of…

Halestorm ~ Halestorm Halestorm ~ The Strange Case of...

Skillet – albums Awake, Rise

Skillet ~ Awake Skillet ~ Rise

Flyleaf – albums Memento Mori, Remember to Live, New Horizons

Flyleaf ~ Memento Mori Flyleaf ~ Remember to Live Flyleaf ~ New Horizons

Alice in Chains – albums Black Gives Way to Blue, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Alice in Chains ~ Black Gives Way to Blue Alice in Chains ~ The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Apocalyptica – album 7th Symphony

Apocalyptica ~ 7th Symphony

We Are the Fallen – album Tear the World Down

We Are the Fallen ~ Tear the World Down

Ellie Goulding – albums Lights (read my review), Halcyon (read my review), and see my concert reviews: 2013 Halcyon Tour Boston and 2014 Halcyon Days Tour Boston

Ellie Goulding ~ Lights Ellie Goulding ~ Halcyon

Bat For Lashes – album Two Suns

Bat For Lashes ~ Two Suns

Sarah McLachlan – album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Sarah McLachlan ~ Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Peter Gabriel – albums (all of them)

Peter Gabriel ~ "Blue Car" Peter Gabriel ~ Up

Lara Fabian – song The Dream Within

Lara Fabian ~ The Dream Within

Paco Pena – album Azahara

Paco Pena ~ Azahara

Joaquín RodrigoConcierto de Aranjuez, Fantasía para un gentilhombre

Joaquín Rodrigo ~ Concierto de Aranjuez, Fantasía para un gentilhombre

2 thoughts on “Music of the Lore

  1. how weird i was just listening to flyleaf. they are so talented. i also love Apocalyptica. and a lot of the others you have on here. good choices. CHEERS!

    • Thanks CJG. New Flyleaf album due later this year called “New Horizons” — I’m looking forward to that. If you like Bat for Lashes (from your writing I think you’re bound to love her “Two Suns”), there’s a new album in October. And did you check out my very goofy video with the Apocalyptica background music? So not the drama!

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