Lost followers? A WordPress puzzlement…

This is a “follow-on” to my previous post:
A WordPress blogger’s cautionary tale
(or “How Sir Like-a-lot got lost in Spam-a-lot”)

Hansel and Gretel

In the telling of the old children’s tale Hansel and Gretel, at least the version I know, the teutonic tots have a decent plan for their foray into the deep, dark wood — leave a trail to follow back when it’s time to flee the witch’s shack. It was all good but for a little flaw in the execution. Breadcrumbs? Really? Who thought of that? Oh, don’t worry, no fairytale critters would ever eat those up. D’Oh!

Well, the blog-o-sphere is a bit removed from the enchanted forest. But I’m starting to wonder if following here in the wide, wide world of WordPress is no less tricksy than in that mythical realm of sprites and pixies.

I speak of the real or imagined accounts of followers falling silent

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A WordPress blogger’s cautionary tale (or “How Sir Like-a-lot got lost in Spam-a-lot”)

Sir Like-a-lot

“Well, hello friend. Have a seat, there by the fire. And a mug a grog to quench your thirst. I was just about to tell a tale if you’d care to listen in…

“Have you heard of good Sir Like-a-lot? Yes, that’s right — the Lost Knight himself. Favored son of a blogging clan who strayed into the Land of Spam and was swallowed up by his very own likes… Never heard from again…

“Oh, others followed in his path, but they were well-liked and lost as well. Past the last post and straight to hell…”


Now, I’m sure you recognize this passage from the ancient Book of Blog. And you’re probably also starting to wonder, “When are you going to get to the point?!”

Fair enough. Point taken. Here it is — a cautionary tale for WordPress bloggers, at least those who live by the like.

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