Why I dare not watch Game of Thrones

Photo by John K ~ Dragons of North America

A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind Lore of the Underlings, an episodic epic…

Dear denizens of ice and fire, I’m here for your curiosity. And your sympathy… or pity. The last of our kind in flesh and bone who hasn’t joined in Game of Thrones.

Call me coward but I dare not.

Oh, I’ve been tempted many times. The books! Those shows! But I’ve resisted. Not willingly, though I’ve stayed strong.

Yes I want to watch, to read, despite my need to stay away. It’s a curse, a cross I bare. The sentence of a would-be author. The sacred oath of a sworn crusade.

And this is the crux of my tragic fate. Over the course of the past six years I’ve been plotting and writing my own epic series, a saga called Lore of the Underlings. Now, from what I know of Martin’s Song, my fledgling Lore differs in major ways (leaning more toward farce and poetry). Yet there’s enough commonality that I’ve lived in fear of that novel sin — plagiarizing something. Anything. Even without evil intention. No matter how minor the detail.

I’d end up penned in some storied jail or literary dungeon. At least in my own mind if not for real.

And I have a vignette to prove my point. An accident and near-disaster that happened to me recently. Really. Here’s a little summary…

One night not too long ago. Channel surfing. HBO. Fair-haired maiden leading men. Speaking some tongue. Unenslaving them.

“Hey, I was planning someone just like her! How can I unsee this character?!”

Darn you, enchanting Mother of Dragons! Well played, masterful Game of Thrones!!

But I do envy you, fans of this world and the words of George R. R. Martin. I pray I may join your ranks one day. I just need to write a few more pages — two or three thousand anyway…

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