Concert review ~ Ellie Goulding at Boston’s House of Blues

Ellie Goulding at Boston's House of Blues

January 23, 2013 — ‘Twas a halcyon night from the start, well maybe but for the subzero cold and howling winds that Ellie Goulding‘s fans had to brave while queuing by her Ellie's cool tour buscool tour bus in the shadow of shuttered Fenway Park. But judging from the lively crowd that eventually filled Boston’s House of Blues, it seemed that they all thawed out in time.

In fact, a pretty hot show was in store; no Boston Pops-icles concert.

St. Lucia opening for EllieThings got kicked off well enough with a sparkling set by opening power-pop group St. Lucia, an instantly likable band of five with a keen knack for catchy hooks and hearty beats. A great warmup for Ellie, but worth a listen on their own. (Actually, St. Lucia is formally solo recording artist Jean-Philip Grobler with a live touring ensemble. But a nice bunch they all were, hanging around to meet and greet fans at the end of the night.)

It was 9 o’clock sharp and roughly 9 below outside when the fog effects at last rolled in and a knit-capped Ellie G, looking cutely elvish, emerged on stage for 90 fast minutes of music, musings, and a little amusement. Backed by a versatile band of four fine lads (each of whom seemed to play and array of instruments), the 26-year-old British-born song-spinning lass, a multi-talented musician herself, launched into the haunting lead track from her latest album with conviction in her voice and a floor tom at her feet.

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