Flowers for a friend

Photo by John K ~ Flowers for a friend

This beautiful garden scene is in memory of my dear friend Mary Purcell, who made this world a brighter place but left it much too soon.

Until we meet again Mary…

[Photo: Bellefield Garden at Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Museum and Library, Hyde Park, NY, USA]

Announcing “Kid of Lore” ~ a new (free) ebook from Lore of the Underlings!

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Hi sci-fi/fantasy-fiction fans! I’m pleased as punch to announce my latest tale from the world of Lore — a short-story ebook called Kid of Lore. Based in part on real events, it’s a misadventure set in 1970s New England that launches an unsuspecting eleven-year-old into an embattled universe beyond his wildest dreams.

And here’s the best part. You can get it for FREE right now (in your favorite format) from…

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Hope you enjoy it! Here’s a synopsis:

Johnny’s your typical tween-age insomniac who’s never slept a wink in his life. But when a kids’ prank turns into an epic fail, the nightmare really begins. It’s literally all downhill from there, as Johnny Cap falls for a shadowy girl and into the clutches of someone stranger. Meanwhile, his world slips under a spell of lore. And evil looms. No kidding…

Kid of Lore is for kids of all ages. Short and sweet. Epic. Spooky. Fun.

It’s also a prequel to Lore of the Underlings, an epic poetry series from the mythical lands of Lore. Lore of the Underlings is a bittersweet saga of gold and shadow told in classic style — with old-world words but new-world wit. Fun for fans of puns and lyrical tongues!

Comments (and reviews) are welcome!

The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats

Film find ~ Of Fortune and Gold

Of Fortune and Gold

Hey movie fans! I’m just back from the 2016 Boston International Film Festival where I caught a fresh new pic you’ll want to watch out for. It’s an indie road flick called Of Fortune and Gold, the edgy yet endearing travelogue of four fate-bound millennials who set out on a dubious treasure hunt but find much more than gold on the way.

Of Fortune and Gold - cast

Oh, there are real riches though — a goldmine of truly compelling performances from an ensemble cast of rising stars: Eric Jungmann as the wild but caring Ryder, Jeff Schine as his disillusioned brother Vince, Alice Hunter as the vulnerable dreamer Seneca, and Valerie Hinkle as disarmingly sweet Mai (a girl with a plan). Brilliantly written by promising young director Jared Marshall, Of Fortune and Gold rivals any big studio production in quality, but well exceeds the bulk of them in heart and soul.

Of Fortune and Gold - scene

No rusty Man of Steel here. Or threadbare Caped Crusader. Just real artists making a real, human movie. I’m glad I went along for the ride!

The Lore rates this film: A+ (epic Awesomeness)

Of Fortune and Gold (2016, Prominence Films)
Winner of Best Picture – Boston International Film Festival
For more on this pic and where you can see it,

Lore du Jour ~ To infinity and beyond

Photo by John K ~ Infinity

A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind Lore of the Underlings, an episodic epic…

Greetings citizens! I’ve just put the finishing touches on Episode 8 of the Lore, including a little passage that pays homage to that most super of superheroes — Buzz Lightyear.  It’s spoken by a character named Treygyn Yin, who’s on trial for thinking (and stepping) out of the box…

This morning my plan was to land by the Westie Woods, the neck of it in the Keep. To live as a hermit and keep to myself. Give up the treasures and loves of life.

But then the strangers came and I got thinking — what if I just kept walking? West to the coast, to the sea, to infinity and beyond. To kingdom come. Their home. The empire of the sun.

Anyway, there’s nothing here for me anymore. No one, no Xoxo, I’m living to die for. Soon you’ll all forget my name. She won’t even know I’m missing…

Stay tuned for the Episode 8 ebook! Coming soon to a galaxy near you…

[Photo: Two Lights State Park – Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA]

~~~ The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats ~~~

Lore du Jour ~ Dark and stormy night

Photo by John K ~ Stormy night

A serial writer’s notebook ~ from the pen behind Lore of the Underlings, an episodic epic…

I was writing some Lore the other day when I realized that I’d just penned a lyrical variation of that famous opening line:

It was a dark and stormy night…

Of course mine falls far short of the epic original from the British novel Paul Clifford by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, circa 1830. What doesn’t?! But here it is for your consideration nonetheless (from my current draft of Episode 8):

“By then the sky was crying, our town drowned in shadow, mourning the moon. Worry cloaked the folk I met. They scurried, in no mood to talk. Not about Treygyn anyway. No one had seen him. The buzz was invasion. The reason they swarmed for home sweet home.

“Their beeline thinned into a stream and then nothing. The signs became clear. He was not to be found.

“So forlorn, alone, and soaked to the bone, I headed home too to my room at the Inn. But I’d no sooner fallen in bed than I heard them…”

What do you think?

[Photo: National Harbor, Washington, DC, USA]

~~~ The Lore is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats ~~~