How zombies can save your writing career!

Photo by John K ~ Zombies! (inspired by the photography of Michael Leacher)

A few days ago, I noticed a sudden spike in downloads of my epic ebook fantasy series, Lore of the Underlings.

“Hmmm. What’s going on?” I wondered. No reasonable reason came to mind. No clues in my inbox, or blips on my blog… but then I remembered something. “Could it be zombies at work again?”

I think I better explain.

I’d seen such a surge before, you see. A couple of times in the past year or so. Some web sleuthing found the source of the first — a pair of roundups by Regan Wolfrom of fanzine SF SIGNAL (an award-winning science fiction site) recommending my ebooks:

Wow! My audience really grew. At least in post-apocalypse peeps. Who knew there were so many.

But then came an even bigger surprise in the guise of the living dead

It was a few months later. I’d sensed some strange activity brewing on some of the vendor sites of the Lore. Barnes and Noble. Amazon. Why so much interest all of a sudden? It took a deeper Google dig to uncover the shocking answer.


Well, it’s not quite what you think. A web site called Zombie Fiction Fanatic had listed my tales as Free Zombie books.

Now that is a really specific niche. Though apparently one full of flesh-eating fans, for more folk were flocking to read the Lore.

There was just one little problem. There were no zombies in my ebooks. Nor that zombie kind of gore.

But I’m sure it was an honest mistake. After all, there are loads of characters who might be zombie candidates or are zombie-like in some minor way.

Whatever. I’ll take it anyway. (But I wonder — is there such a thirst for zombie lit that they need to cast a wider net?)

Now I haven’t yet traced this latest buzz to the grateful undead or some other cause. Still, I do feel a bit of an obligation to give a nod to Zombie Nation and write a few into my next episode.

The tall zombie turned to John Cap and moaned…

I don’t know. I’ll have to see how it goes.

But fellow writers, I’m telling you. Zombies sell books and bloody well too!

~~~ The Lore is available in audio and ebook format ~~~